C-Skins Wired 2-2mm Hood




C-Skins Wired 2-2mm Hood

The C-Skins Wired 2-2mm Hood is designed to keep you warm and surfing in the harshest winter conditions. It’s a great wetsuit accessory if you feel the cold as it will keep you at your warmest. A lot of heat is lost from your head so keeping it warm will allow more of your energy to be directed to keeping the rest of your board warm. Construction is of 2mm 100% Xtend neoprene. This provides great warmth with super flexibility. So it’s easy to get the hood on and to fit it either over or under your wetsuit neck, whichever you prefer.  The Wired Hood incorporates a number of advanced tech features so you get great surfing. ThermoTech Poly Pro, a plush jersey wool-like inner surface, is next to your skin. This retains your body heat so you get extra warmth. It’s super comfy and quick dry.

The seams of  the C-Skins Wired 2mm Hood are GBS Glued and Blind stitched. This means that they’re sealed so no water will get in. It also means the stitching is flat, next to your skin it’s smooth so you get great comfort. The external Xtend material is hydrophobic so reduces wind chill by reducing any moisture retention. To keep the sun and spray out of your eyes a small visor protects your eyes. The C-Skins Wired 2-2mm Hood is a great wetsuit accessory. It will help you stay out longer and surf your best in comfort in the coldest conditions. Check our full range of Wetsuit Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuit Accessories


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