Billabong Kicks Marble Womens Thong




Billabong Kicks Marble Womens Thong

The Billabong Kicks Marble Womens Thong gives you super comfort and fun wearing. Whether it’s at the beach or out and about you get a fun functional design. The base has a raised rib pattern. This gives your foot sole a massage as you take each step. It also keeps a small layer of air between your foot and the base. So creating additional comfort and reducing the squelch sound.

This rib pattern is also on the top of the straps giving a distinctive look. The straps are thicker than on a lot of thongs giving secure and long wearing. Moulded to the base they’re not a separate piece so don’t have that problem of blowout breakage.

In terms of artwork, along with a great fun marble design, there’s a Billabong printed logo under your heel giving a touch of colour and added detail. Construction is of PVC and EVA so you have dual densities giving you comfort where needed and long wearing on the base.  Check our full range of Footwear at Manly Surfboards>Footwear


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