Billabong Groms Union LS Rashvest




Billabong Groms Union LS Rashvest

The Billabong Groms Union LS Rashvest is a great way for your kids to stay protected at the beach. They get a 50+ UPF rating for sun protection. There’s also a sun blocking Factor of 98% so slowing down the sun’s penetration to their skin. The top has a silk touch that’s super comfy. So it won’t catch and stick on their skin even when wet reducing rash.

The construction is of quality poly elastane so they get good stretch and fit with durability. Elastane is a great alternative over Lycra. It has more body so in the water it won’t bag or balloon out every time a wave comes. As the wind rises the elastane also provides more protection. Flat locked seams are used throughout so they’re flat reducing the chance of rash.


The Billabong Groms Union LS Rashvest includes additional features. The fit is relaxed. This is a great help to keep your kids cool free and easy at the beach. With the Factor blocking feature they have the space to cool down beneath the rash vest. While there’s a generous fit it’s not excessive so won’t interfere with their performance if they’re surfing.

It also helps with duck diving or recovering from a wipeout as the vest doesn’t balloon up and fill with water. The material has saltwater and chlorine resistant properties. This means it will give great wear and durability. The Billabong Groms Union LS Rashie is great for beach fun and surfing. Check our full range of Kids Rash Vests at Manly Surfboards>Kids Rash Vests


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