Billabong CB Serenity 2 LS Womens Rashvest




Billabong CB Serenity 2 LS Womens Rashvest

The Billabong CB Serenity 2 LS Womens Rashvest gives you classic beach wear and protection. The 50+ UPF rating gives great protection out in the sun. This is one of the most important factors for a surf and beach garment. Construction is of polyester elastine so you get a  snug stretchy feel. The elastine adds body so you get a classic fit.

This is especially good if you’re surfing or swimming. When you’re duck diving the top will stay snug against your body, not ballooning out. Similarly with swimming as you’re taking each stroke the top will stay snug. A high neck keeps the waves washing in too.

The long sleeves give extra coverage with your arms protected from the blustery sea breeze and sea stingers. So you can have fun in the sun without worry.

The classic all black look with highlight chest logo is versatile. It’s black like most surf wetsuits. Yet black can also be worn anywhere, under your t-shirt or other top. In winter you can wear this top under your wetsuit for added warmth. Constructed of recycled polyester the Serenity also has an eco benefit. Check our full range of Billabong Gear and Womens Rash Vests at Manly Surfboards>Womens Rash Vests


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