Tahe (formally BIC) Surfboard Mini-Mal Nose Rider Surf 7’6


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Tahe (formally BIC) Surfboard Mini-Mal Nose Rider Surf 7’6

The Tahe Surfboard Mini-Mal Nose Rider Surf is 7’6 long making it an ideal mid-length board. It’s great to learn on, or progress your surfing with classic moves. All Tahe boards are fun and the Nose Rider blends the best characteristics to suit nose riding. Its wider nose is extra wide. This aids stability which is essential for nose riding. You need to be able to walk the board from you takeoff position to get your feet on the nose. Also as your weight comes forward you need the wider nose so it won’t sink or bog. From the nose the board curves in to a reasonably narrow tail. In this way you can still do carving turns by stepping towards the back. So your Tahe Surfboard Mini-Mal NoseRider Surf 7’6 is versatile. Fun for nose riding and turning. The extra nose width also gives great paddling, hence great wave catching. A joy to ride you also get the performance potential for classic moves. The Tahe construction is super durable. It’s like a plastic. So it may scratch a little but will take all the bumps, dents and dings a Beginner or hard rider can dish out. Tahe is also the world’s single best-selling surfboard! A proven all-rounder so you get the best all round surfing and fun. Check our full range of Mini-Mals at Manly Surfboards>Mini-Mals


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