Tahe (formally BIC) Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’9 Surfboard


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Tahe (formally BIC) Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’9 Surfboard

The Tahe Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’9 Surfboard gives you great all round surfing. It’s a great Beginner board packed with features so helps you progress quickly. It has a full nose and this gives you great paddling so  it’s easy to catch lots of waves. Once on the wave this fullness makes your board very stable. You’ll find it easy to pop up and stay on your feet. The fullness also gives you great glide on the wave. You’ll surf easily as your board flows from section to section making longer rides. Softer rails help you make more carving moves and turns. They’re forgiving and don’t catch so you don’t wipeout. The tail of your board is tucked in. This helps you progress so as you step back you can do carving turns, pivoting from the bottom to the top of the wave. The Tahe Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’9 Surfboard is a great first board as it not only surfs well but will take everything a Beginner board faces. It’s almost indestructible. It will take the biggest dumps and even hits from other boards. This makes the Tahe great value as it will see you through your Beginner experience and can be passed down from generation to generation, or make a great trade in. The Tahe is the world’s single best-selling surfboard! A proven all-rounder so you get the best all round surfing and fun. Its fuller shape gives you stability for paddling, catching and riding waves. The pulled in tail will help you progress to carving and pivot turns too. Check our full range of great Beginner boards at Manly Surfboards>Beginner-Boards


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