Astrodeck Og Archy Tail Pad


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Astrodeck Og Archy Tail Pad

The Astrodeck Og Archy Tail Pad is a high spec versatile tail pad. It comes in 5 pieces. So, you can keep this pad narrow and compact for a narrower tail board or move it closer to the tail. Alternatively the two side pieces can be expanded separately from the middle. They can be placed closer to the rails so wide tail boards get optimal coverage. The front pads can also be moved forward. This is an often overlooked area where your foot ends up over your sweet spot for smaller or charging waves. The centre piece is purposefully narrow and long so the raised arch is also narrow and extended. This means most of your foot is on either side of the arch so it’s easier to heel-and-toe getting your board on rail. The tail has a 28mm kick that is raised at a 45 degree angle. With that size and steep angle it stops your foot slipping off so you can really drive. At the back the two pieces can be extended around your leash plug so you can place the grip closer to the end of your board. With


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