Astrodeck John John Tail Pad




Astrodeck John John Tail Pad

The Astrodeck John John Tail Pad is the signature pad of the World Champion John John Florence. It’s a 3 piece pad, one of the most versatile designs. The two side pieces can be kept close together or expanded to the rails so narrower and wide tail boards can get good coverage. This pad is relatively wider so provides solid traction for your back foot. Check the width against your board tail if you want to move this pad right back. The kick has a short 45 degree slope quickly rising to vertical. This upright edge makes it easy for your foot to butt against and apply pressure. Your foot is less likely to slip. The centre raised arch is generous. In the shape of a rounded rectangle it’s almost as wide as the narrowest part of your foot. So it’s easy to feel and know where your foot is. The arch can be moved so it allows you to create a rear groove between the two side pieces. This is perfect for the side of your foot to slot into. If you place the pad right this groove can be over your board’s sweet spot. So once set up it gives your foot placement so you can charge. The pad features holes that reduce weight and so your toes can really grip. No matter what angle your foot is placed you’ll get maximum traction and perform on this pad.


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