Adelio Chase Reversible Wetsuit Top Ls




Adelio Chase Reversible Wetsuit Top LS 1.5mm

The Adelio Chase Reversible Wetsuit Top LS long sleeve is a perfect summer surf vest. It’s made of super flexible DuraFlex 1.5mm neoprene that is light while maintaining shape and form. The quality neoprene also provides protection from the elements. Along with the long sleeves you’ll be comfortable keeping the early morning chill or the blustery wind at bay. The design has a low cut neck which is easy get on with an easy pull over your head and is easy to wear. Additional features include a reversible style so you can flip it inside out for a different look. It has a self cinching waist with an elastic draw cord to get a snug fit. A 12 month warranty covers seams and stitching so it’s good for plenty of wear. Perfect for summer the Adelio Chase Wetsuit Vest is perfect for summer surfing.


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