T-19 Fish Surfboard 6’4


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T-19 Fish Surfboard 6’4

The T-19 Fish Surfboard 6’4 is a modern fish design with a great balance between fun and performance. It has a full fish nose and wide plan shape so good for catching waves and planning across flat sections. The nose is refined, not too fat, so easier to throw around for changes of direction and power moves. The width in the middle is carried through to the tail further helping the board not to bog down and maintain speed. The rails are much more like a shortboard, with fullness. This means you get forgiveness, they won’t catch. They provide sensitivity so as you push on them the board will change direction easily.

The rocker is quite flat with enough nose lift so as not to nose dive and there’s a small kick in the tail assisting turning. The bottom has a double concave starting around mid and reaching maximum depth through the fins. This gives a lot of speed. At the fins a vee starts and exits at the tail. This is an important feature in a wide fish style board as it greatly assists getting the board on rail, what you need to be able to do full turns. Construction is shortboard style with a performance blank, and glassing with carbon rail protection. PU foam, polyester resin and fibreglass along with a highlighted colour on the stringer give a good looking finish. An FCS II thruster fin system means you’ll be able to change and mix and match your fins. Small or big days you’ll be able to tune the board to bring out the best of your individual style.

The T-19 Fish Surfboard 6’4 will help you grow your surfing while giving you fun and performance along the way.


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